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image showing conjoined twins

Humanitarian Work In Africa

ComMigen through its effort as a nonprofit organization works to help African communities in need, through donations to the sick, schools, and homeless shelters.

ComMigen Helped Support Conjoined Twins in Cameroon.

A Cameroonian couple cried for Help with providing care for their newborn conjoined twins. Caroline Enjewi and Ekane Richard Akwe were overjoyed when the results of their pregnancy ultrasound revealed they were having twins but were shocked when they realized their twins were conjoined. Conjoined twins are considered evil in some parts of rural Cameroon, with some being killed. The birth of the conjoined twins that ComMigen donated to help medically has sparked debates on the perception and treatment of such cases in Cameroon.

No parents should see their kids suffer or die because they do not have the necessary resources to provide for medical care. ComMigen was able to donate to save the lives of the conjoined twins in Cameroon.

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