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Purpose of Scholarship Program

The Committee of Gentlemen partners with organizations in and out of San Antonio, Texas to offer scholarships to its members. ComMigen provides receipts to the amount of scholarship offered by any institution that provides grants that pay for individuals to attend an educational institution. Any school or institution that has a curriculum, is qualified to donate tax-deductible funds to ComMigen. Grants made from such funds shall be referred to as “scholarships.” Such scholarships provide life-long opportunities for ComMigen members and a better-educated workforce for the community. The Committee of Gentlemen does not award grants to individuals for any purpose other than as stated above. All scholarships must be used for tuition, room and board, materials, fees, and related expenses. Scholarships would generally last for the cadence of the courses offered. Scholarships must meet and comply with all federal regulations regarding their benefits and usage. The scholarship may be revoked if a scholarship recipient does not meet a satisfactory attendance reported by the head of any academic institution.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for any of the different scholarship offers by ComMigen all applicants must meet the following criteria ;

  • You must be a registered ComMigen member.
  • If you are newly registered you must have completed your probationary period of 90 days after registration.
  • You must be in an active status. Those in an inactive status would not be eligible to apply.
  • You must be making less than 100k a year to apply
  • The scholarship would be open to those making 100k and above as well as those already in the IT field only if we have no or limited applications from qualified candidates.

Click on the link below to view our scholarship policy

ComMigen Scholarship Policy.


Scholarship Offered

SQL Server Database Administration

1 Full SQL Server Database Administration scholarship with JoinIT Solutions

SQL Server Database Administration

1/2 SQL Server Database Administration scholarship with JoinIT Solutions


1 Full Certified SAFe Scrum Master scholarship from Epiliki Agile Academy

(Epiliki staffing and consulting LLC)

Linux System Administration (plus Introduction to Oracle Database Administration)

1 Full Linux System Administration (plus Introduction to Oracle Database Administration) scholarship from Atrox InfoTech

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